Leads for Roofing Contractors

Mailing postcards to areas that have experienced hailstorms can be a highly effective strategy for a roofing company to generate leads and boost business.

Get fast, ACCurate hail roofing leads

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Roofing contractors that repair hail damage need leads right after a storm hits. That’s where Hail Damage Marketing comes in. We can help you target your ideal area using a custom attention-grabbing roofing postcard, or select from one of our high-impact postcard designs for your roofing business. We then help you select a targeted mailing list – after that, just leave the rest to us. You will be getting high quality leads in no time, all within just days of the hailstorm!

Turn key program for Roofers

Target Area

Select your target area – with our hail mapping partners and our state-of-the-art list software we can pinpoint the affected hail damage areas and target only homes and businesses damaged by large hail.

Quick or Custom

Choose your campaign graphics & message: You can select a postcard from our design page, we can custom design postcard for you or send us your camera ready artwork.

Speedy Mailing

We will print and mail in 2 to 4 business days after receiving approval on art, the target area and payment.

Experienced Targeted Direct Mailers

We aren’t some new kids on the block – we have more than 15 years in the business of building targeted mailing lists and more than 11 years of delivering high-quality targeted postcards. In fact, we mail millions of postcards every year. You can rely on us to deliver what we promise.

Roofers in today’s market need more than just someone canvassing a storm area and leaving door hangers. Here is how a custom postcard combined with digital ads can boost your response rate.


First, postcards are tangible and eye-catching and can create a lasting impression on residents. In the aftermath of a hailstorm, homeowners are likely to be concerned about potential damage to their roofs, making them more receptive to information about roofing services. By sending postcards, a roofing company can directly target these affected areas, and offer an inspection before the homeowner calls their Insurance Company.


Second, postcards are a cost-effective way to reach a wide audience and raise awareness about the roofing company’s services. A well-designed postcard can stand out in a homeowner’s mailbox, providing a physical reminder of the company’s expertise and offering a straightforward call to action such as “Contact us for a free quote”.  This encourages prospective customers to take the next step to determine if they have any roofing concerns.


Third, postcards can help establish a personal connection between the roofing company and potential clients. By showcasing testimonials from satisfied customers, and information about the company’s expertise, the postcard becomes a powerful tool for building trust. Homeowners are more likely to choose a roofing company that has taken the initiative to reach out directly, demonstrating its commitment to customer service and reliability.

Overall, mailing postcards to hail-affected areas provides a targeted, cost-effective, and personal approach to lead generation for roofing companies. When used in combination with Digital Ads, your postcard becomes even more effective by increasing how often your prospects see your Company name. Another secret to increased responses is to be ready to print the same day by having your postcard already designed in advance. Learn more about our Preferred Roofer Program here.