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Become a Preferred Roofer

There is a small window of time to take advantage of a hailstorm in your area. When you become a preferred roofer, your marketing message will be the first one in the mail. Your postcard is ready to go to the printer and be delivered to the affected homeowners before your competitors. We only mail to single-family owner-occupied homes. The success of any direct mail program is determined by the audience you target, the timing, and the creative design of your message. We know how big of an opportunity hailstorms are for roofing businesses throughout the country. Capitalizing on these opportunities can turn a bad year into a good year or a good year into a great year. Using Hail Damage Marketing’s Preferred Roofing service, you can take advantage of these opportunities.

Why Become a Preferred Roofer?

Becoming a preferred roofer makes capitalizing on hailstorms much easier. We are monitoring hailstorms all day, so if there’s a hailstorm in your area, we know about it. We use mapping software from our partners to pinpoint exactly where the hail fell. Using the provided data from the mapping software, we then create a list of houses that have been affected by the hail,  saving you the expense of mailing to rental homes and apartments. You let us know how far you are willing to travel for a storm.  The morning following the storm, you will be the first we call with details of the damaged area. We provide you with a 3602 Proof of Mailing upon request. The initial cost of becoming a preferred roofer is only $100. Which is 50% of the design cost of the postcard.

Postcard Design

When you sign up to become a preferred roofer, we design your postcard immediately.  When a hailstorm hits, your postcard can be the first one in the homeowners’ mailbox. We print the postcards as soon as possible after the hailstorm and mail to the targeted homeowners. We have a variety of different samples that we can go off of. Take a look at our sample cards HERE  or we can create a postcard customized to your business. Our custom postcards are effective and tell the homeowners why they should contact your company to discuss their damage.


“I used them twice last year and got good results.  They are able to target the homes that get the hail, and they don’t waste postage on apartments or rental homes.” 

Rob S AG Contractors Arvada, CO

“Amazing results!  I got more than 30 leads from a mailing of 6,000 cards.  I even got a call 2 months
after the original mailing; he said he put the card aside and forgot to call right away.”

-Anthony S Schoens Roofing Beatrice, NE

“It really worked for us.  We got 38 calls from a mailing of less than 8,000 cards and wrote 28 contracts.  Great ROI!” 

Chris P. AMI Builders Fuquay Varina, NC

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