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Maximizing Roofing Business Potential by using a Banner Ad Campaign will enhance the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign and deliver additional leads for roofing contracts.

By identifying the homes that need roofing services after a hailstorm, roofers can allocate their marketing resources more effectively by adding a digital banner ad campaign that targets those homes that got the most damage in the storm.  Adding digital ads to your direct mail postcard campaign will increase response rates.  A banner ad campaign can help reach the right audience and get you more leads for roofing jobs by using the following three strategies:

1 – Geographic Targeting – banner ads are displayed only to homeowners in areas affected by the hailstorm. This ensures your marketing efforts are directed to the most relevant individuals.

2 – Demographic Targeting – we eliminate rental homes and apartments from your mailing list and market only to homeowners who are your best prospects for roof repairs.

3 –Postcard design and Banner Ad design – we create a custom postcard to emphasize your roofing experience and certifications as well as your experience with Insurance Claims. 

How does Digital Targeting work?

Digital targeting ads work because they enhance your postcard campaign with digital ads.  It works because after you decide on the demographic of who will receive your postcard, we purchase a mailing list that meets your criteria. Then we place a small piece of code, called a pixel, on your website. Using the mail list to find the IP address for those address, we deliver your banner ads to those addresses. They will see of 10-12 ads during the month of your mailing campaign.

Your digital banner ads will be seen before your customer receives your postcard.  A customer may not click on the banner ad, but when they get your postcard, they will spend time looking at it because they saw the banner ad.  Your response rate will be better because they saw your message multiple times. It’s subliminal advertising!

How much does Digital Targeting cost?

The cost per impression can vary depending on several factors, including the target audience, the banner ads used and the ad placement. The cost for digital banner ads usually ranges from .02 to .03 cents per impression. The more ads you run, the lower the cost per impression. Additional traffic to your website will come from both your direct mail postcard and your banner ads.

In summary, a well-designed banner ad campaign can significantly enhance a roofer’s postcard marketing strategy ensuring maximum impact and increased customer acquisition.  It will generate additional leads for roofing.  Plus, it can also help establish long term relationships with satisfied customers, leading to continued business growth in other contracting services you may offer.

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