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Leads for roofers – hail damage postcard campaigns with digital banner ads

Can you imagine canvassing 5,000 homes in a flash?  Well, almost a flash, if you are a preferred roofer with us, your postcard is ready to be printed. All we need to do is purchase the addresses you want to target and away we go.  Your postcards will begin arriving the following week.  Most of our preferred roofers run digital ads along with the mailing. These ads will start appearing the day after the storm hits.  Think of that – as soon as we purchase the name and address list, your digital ads can begin showing on their phones, tablets and computers the next day!

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Step 1

Select your target area – Select your target area – with our hail mapping partners and our state-of-the-art list software we can pinpoint the affected hail damage areas and target only homes and businesses damaged by large hail. Whether your targeting recent hail storms or past hail storms, we help you find the best prospects for your business.

We can do complete area saturation, home owners only or just businesses. Our targeted mailings can eliminate unwanted waste – creating a higher ROI for you!

Step 2

Hail Damage Marketing will provide you an estimate with home counts and postage costs. You let us know if we need to adjust to meet your budget. In most cases, our prices will be so low, you’ll be asking for more!

Step 3

 Choose your campaign graphics & message.  It’s not recommended, but you can select a postcard from our design page. We strongly recommend having us do a custom design postcard for you, or you send us your camera-ready artwork.  Also, this is when you decide if you want to include digital targeting ads in your campaign.

Step 4

We will send you a PDF proof for your approval prior to printing.

Step 5

We will print and mail in 2 to 4 business days after receiving approval on art, the target area and payment.

Step 6

After mailing, we will send you a proof of mailing (3602) provided by USPS & a paid in full invoice.

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