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Since Hail Damage Marketing offers such a variety of options and specifications for who you mail your postcards to, the pricing is also going to vary. Our price per card may differ from order to order, depending on your location, mailing prices, who you want to target and more.

The price of your mailings will directly depend on the demographics that you would like to reach. In order for you to get the best return on your investment (ROI), Hail Damage Marketing allows for an assortment of demographic options to choose from. Here are some examples of the demographic options available to you:

Residential – Send cards to any of the options below in the hail affected area:
• Everyone (Full Saturation)
• Only home-owners (Only those who own their homes, no apartment buildings or renters)
• Those with a certain home value (You choose the range of home values)
• Those with a certain household income (You choose the income range)
• And Many More

Commercial – Send cards to any of the options below in the hail affected area:
• All businesses (Full Saturation)
• Specific businesses (You choose specific businesses to target)
• Those with a certain number of employees (You choose the range of employees)
• Those with a certain square footage (You choose the range of commercial building sizes)
• And Many More

With so many options, how do I decide?

With the modern advances in the industry, the important details to consider now are simply “Who do I want to see my mailings?” and “What is the final total of the mailings?” Price per card can be a useful number but only if you are comparing the prices between two companies using the costs a specific demographic. This is because Full Saturation mailings will typically be a lower price per card but a higher total cost overall compared to Only Owner-Occupied mailings.

Hail Damage Marketing will run the pricing for any demographics you’re considering so that
you can compare your options intelligently.

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