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Hail Damage Marketing provides high quality and affordable roofing leads for roofing contractors across the country. Using our targeted direct marketing campaigns, we only target people who have been affected by hail. Homes that have been affected by hail will receive a postcard from your business within a few days of the storm so that you can be the first ad that homeowners see. Since we only target homes that have been affected by hail and your ad is one of the first they see, our customers see very high returns on their investment.

What Makes Hail Damage Marketing’s Roofing Leads Unique?

Hail Damage Marketing provides a unique service that lets you enjoy large returns on your investment. We only target homes that have been affected by hailstorms, we do this so that we can minimize the number of postcards that will not generate a lead for you. We can also quickly send out postcards so that your ad can be the first one that homeowners see. This way you can see the highest return on your investment. Utilizing our Preferred Roofer program, you can get your postcards set out even quicker to beat your competition to your potential clients.

Preferred Roofer

Becoming a preferred roofer makes capitalizing on hailstorms much easier. We are monitoring hailstorms all day, so if there’s a hailstorm in your area, we know about it. We use mapping software from our partners to pinpoint exactly where the hail fell. Using the provided data from the mapping software, we then create a list of houses that have been affected by the hail, saving you the expense of mailing to rental homes and apartments. You let us know how far you are willing to travel for a storm.  The morning following the storm, you will be the first we call with details of the damaged area. We provide you with a 3602 Proof of Mailing upon request. The initial cost of becoming a preferred roofer is only $100. Which is 50% of the design cost of the postcard.

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